Merchandising audit  

Evaluation and monitoring


No sales dynamics

The product layout leaves
much to be desired and there is no trust
in the work of merchandisers

Weak control
of the effectiveness of merchandisers

Audit helps to solve these and many other problems of modern merchandising

We are for an honest display, honest photo reports
and direct communication with the supervisor!

Using our merchandising audit services, You can:

• monitor the quality of your trading team;

• objectively assess the number of products presented, the variety of assortment and compliance with storage conditions;

• analyze the effectiveness of using equipment and advertising materials;

• monitor competitors' pricing and assortment policies.

Why is it profitable for You to contact us for help

  • Monitor the quality of your trading team;
  • Objectively evaluate the quantity of goods presented, the variety of assortment and compliance with storage conditions;
  • Our independent and experienced auditors perform audits of merchandisers, which will help you get an objective picture of the situation.

In addition to direct verification, our specialists can:

  • Improve the quality of your specialists work;
  • Advise clients.

Do I need an audit?

Sales in your
company are declining?

Competitors overtake
You, occupying "markets" that you are not on

Are you not satisfied with your profit?

Does your sales Department < br> need < br> optimization?

Do you want to avoid seasonal "spikes"?

Regular customers either leave or reduce the volume of purchases ? No
influx of new

Secret service

Are these issues on Your agenda? So you need a merchandising audit!

How is the audit conducted?

Monitoring data is entered in a pre-approved form agreed with the client.
Also conducted a photo audit of racks, shelves, warehouses, etc. This procedure can be open and

Checks can be:


They help you update
information at the time of the request.


They allow you to see the
dynamics of development and the state of

Our advantage


We have gained experience working with the largest retail chains, so we are leaders in our field


Quick start of the project from 3 days


We provide any reporting that is convenient for You, including photos and videos