• More than 12 years "Planogram" company»
    trains and provides qualified
    merchandisers for various organizations
    directions in the promotion of brands or products.
  • Our employees carry out effective
    display of products on showcases and provide
    increase in sales volume from 15%.

Merchandising services - the main advantages of the Planogram Agency”

Supervising staff

We like to do our job professionally. Therefore, our employees are trained and their work is carefully monitored. We work closely with the store is management and analyze reports.

If there are more than one employee on the site, a professional auditor is involved.

if necessary, replace the staff. You can also order additional employees at any time, and we will provide them as soon as possible.

Provide reporting< / span>

Our merchandisers generate up-to-date reports (including photo reports) every day. You can monitor our work online.

To order services of merchandising

Merchandiser such as “Hands” for display of goods
Dedicated merchandiser
Combined Merchandiser
Visiting Merchandiser
Stationary merchandiser
Merchandiser for construction networks

This employee performs several functions:

  • controls inventory;
  • responsible for placing products on racks and shelves;
  • updates product information and price tags;
  • provides advice to clients;< / li>
  • helps you make a deal.

Ordering the services of a consultant-merchandiser is a great opportunity to ensure the perfect condition of storefronts, as well as a way to encourage customers to buy "here and now". Increase your sales turnover and revenue, as well as your brand loyalty!

Our specialists will greet your customers with a friendly and friendly manner, help them determine their needs, offer products of your brand, revealing their advantages. Planogram specialists are trained to work with objections and can accompany the transaction. In addition, experienced employees communicate with Department managers in stores and submit requests to increase purchases of your products.

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Important tasks are set for such a specialist:

  • control of display cases and shelves, replenishment of the assortment;
  • correct product layout;
  • updating price tags and POS materials;
  • inventory control;
  • generating sales reports;
  • customer consultation.

Ordering the services of "Ruki" type merchandisers in Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation means that you are guaranteed to maintain the shop Windows in perfect condition. All products are laid out according to the rules of merchandising, price tags and product information are updated.

Such a specialist can not fully advise the client, but is able to answer simple questions from customers. Its main task is to display a large number of product items, which allows you to quickly fill the racks. This is especially true if you sell products that are in high demand.


the most Important advantage of such a promo employee is that it promotes the products of a particular brand. This category includes specialists such as "hands" and consultants. The former take care mainly of the rapid display of a large number of products on display. Consultants also specialize in product presentations. They offer it to customers, highlighting the main advantages, and stimulate sales.

each employee is Services are relevant in different situations. If you need to constantly fill up your storefronts with goods, or even fill them from scratch (at the time of entry), a merchandiser of the "hands"type provides invaluable help. And if you need to attract the buyer is attention to a particular product at any cost and sell it, it is time to hire an experienced consultant!

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Ordering the services of such a specialist is the cheapest. Combined merchandising is characterized by a number of features:

  • one employee serves several suppliers at the same time;
  • there is no loyalty to a particular brand.

combined merchandising Services in Moscow are relevant if you have a small range of products. Building your own merchandising service turns out to be impractical. It is not profitable to keep an inpatient specialist on staff. However, it is necessary to maintain the proper condition of storefronts, analyze inventory, and generate reports. The way out of this situation is to order the services of a combined sales employee.

It will display products from both your brand and several other suppliers, update product profiles, and create photo and analytical reports.

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This specialist is the best choice for manufacturers who place a small number of products in different points of retail chains. Distinctive features of this type of trade marketing:

  • the sales specialist moves between several stores throughout the day;
  • it controls inventory, maintains the state of storefronts, and generates reports for each point.
  • a visitor can visit from 3 to 15 stores per day, on average, 8-10.< / li>

If you sell a relatively small number of product items at a particular point of sale, there is no need to keep a stationary promo specialist there. The visiting employee spends 20-60 minutes in the store, then goes further along the route. At the next point of sale, it also lays out products, analyzes inventory, and makes reports.

Visiting several stores in a More detailed

Ordering the services of such an employee is relevant in cases where you sell a large number of products or a scheme of service by one merchandiser for several suppliers at the same time is appropriate. Distinctive features of stationary merchandising:

  • stay of a sales employee in one point of sale throughout the day;< / li>
  • displaying a large number of product items;
  • monitoring the state of the display case and inventory, generating reports.

Stationary merchandiser performs tasks for displaying products in a specific Department for one or more companies. A consultant is also a stationary specialist who directly stimulates sales growth.

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The services of such an employee are required to solve several tasks:

  • adding your products to storefronts;
  • product card updates;
  • advising clients on products and handling objections;
  • help customers choose and make a purchase;
  • inventory control and reporting.

Construction merchandising — product display, welcoming customers, identifying their needs and recommending your products to meet specific customer needs. Our staff during the consultation highlights the advantages of your product, unobtrusively inciting the visitor to the Department to purchase and accompany him when making a transaction.

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