Merchandiser in construction
stores and DIY chains

  • Select professional
  • We will give you the necessary
    advice and provide
    high-quality display of products.
  • We will increase your
    increase sales.

Merchandiser in a construction store

One of our profiles is merchandising of construction

Over the years of fruitful work, we have studied the
construction materials market and gained the necessary
experience in brand promotion.

Presentation of the product to the customer is the key to its sale.
Our specialists implement effective placement of construction products in retail outlets.

We always follow the important rules for laying out
construction products

Similar products are grouped into departments;
Under each product group there are current price tags.

Our experts will monitor the display on showcases and the relevance of price tags.


You always see up-to-date reports and photo reports, which allows you to analyze the correctness of the layout and sales dynamics.

Important factors are taken into account:

  • efficient display of construction goods;
  • products match the price tags located below them;
  • daily sales reporting;
  • inventory analysis

Thanks to the photo report, you can clearly evaluate our work. Information about inventory helps to streamline the procurement process of goods.


Our specialists work closely with Department managers in retail chains.

First, it allows you to increase sales, because it is very important for customers to get professional advice when choosing a product, especially in the construction sector.

Secondly, our merchandisers encourage the supply Department to buy more of your product, based on stable sales growth.

All these factors have a positive impact on trade turnover.

Advantages of ordering a merchandiser
for laying out construction materials

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Types of merchandising
in construction stores