Effective Merchandising

Honest product display
in the grocery store at home!


No sales growth, only
simulated activity.

the Product is not displayed on the shelves
stores or stand
"fences” that don't sell.
No confidence in the work

Non-core tasks with
field personnel:

staff turnover, selection
and personnel control,
bloated state, taxes.

How could it be otherwise?

Instead of beautiful images and empty promises
we give honest photo reports
and direct communication with

We're for fair play, aren't You?

Honest on-line reports c by WiseRep

  • photos before and after product placement;
  • photo with the cart of the displayed product;
  • fixing geolocation and time when the merchandiser was at the point;
  • merchandisers comments on your requirements;
  • informs about the remaining product;
  • creates a personalized report for the client;
  • assessment of compliance with the basics of merchandising in a grocery store;
  • ability to check the actual product display in the grocery store for compliance with the planogram.

Always transparent reports that our clients accept!

We guarantee compliance with merchandising standards

  • the supervisor manually checks 70% of reports and accepts only those that meet the stated requirements.
  • each supervisor has from 15 to 20 merchandisers, which allows you to fully control the workflow and quickly solve any tasks.
  • coordinator for each project, prompt and effective communication with the client;
  • fixed schedule of visiting points, timely replacement of staff.

We will prove that we do our job efficiently,
photo facts and growth of your sales!

Reports with software WiseRep

There are beautiful reports, but why are there no sales?

The product was posted or not, but how to check?

The product is in stock, but the shelves are empty

Was the merchandiser at the point or not?

Was the product actually displayed or was it still there?

What does WiseRep do to control merchandising

In each report we provide
photo of the cart with the product.

Geolocation with arrival time
per point on each visit.

unable to upload fake
reports. The program captures photos
Before and After the session automatically.

The system works online
and offline modes.

Guarantees safety
data for a long period.

Price Monitoring and

Flexible settings for
each client.

Comprehensive merchandising in stores at home.

Leave a request and we will select the best conditions for You.

Our specialist will call You back within 4 minutes

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Individual approach to your grocery store is merchandising

Choose your own type of merchandising!

Combined merchandiser works with products of several companies at the same time, there are two types:


Visits several retail outlets during the working day.

  • provides correct display of products on the shelves;
  • updates price tags;
  • analyzes inventory;
  • prepares reports;
  • information on product balances;
  • personalized report for the client.

Ordering business card merchandiser services is the optimal
solution if you sell your products through a network of small stores.


It is always located in one point of sale and your product is always under supervision.

  • checks whether the product is on the store is shelves;
  • updates cards with descriptions and prices;
  • encourages sales of your product;
  • generates photo and analytical reports.

Merchandising by a dedicated team

With this approach in trade marketing, our specialists deal exclusively with your company is products.

  • we display the product only for one customer;
  • encourage sales of your products;
  • we constantly monitor up-to-date information on price tags;
  • check the inventory of goods at the point of sale and make timely requests for products;
  • provide the most detailed reports;
  • we flexibly adapt to any of your tasks in 0n-line mode.

You always choose the type of merchandising that is convenient for you on your own, and it may differ in different regions.

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