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We provide services for product promotion and retail outlets audit to stimulate and increase sales.

  • Are you tired of low-quality
    merchandising from
  • Would you like to reduce display cost,
    increase customer
    loyalty and
    improve sales?
  • Now is the best time
    to take use a professional help.

Order Display and Shelf Services

Optimize the costsof merchandising services!

  • Having your own merchandising department is too expensive.
  • Our team of agents and merchandisers is twice as efficient as a regular full-time merchandising department.
  • Reduce cost of merchandising services. Delegate the merchandising of your outlet to our professionals.

Increase your efficiency!

A list of services, executed by our specialists:

  • stock replenishment;
  • display and shelf services;
  • product cards updates;
  • customers consultation;
  • helping to close a deal.

This versatility optimizes your expenses, ensures the perfect condition of your storefronts and motivates the customer to make a purchase "here and now"!

We stand for honest display setup! What about you?

We constantly monitor the activities of our employees and are ready to provide the client with detailed reports on the work done!

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Helps to optimize merchandising services cost. Using combined merchandising, one employee can work with products from several manufacturers.


It has the same functionality as a stationary one, but it is not attached to a specific retail outlet. Several locations can be visited during the day switching from one to another.


One merchandising specialist works for only one manufacturer, brand or product, seeking an opportunity to represent products more attractive to buyers.


An employee does warehouse work, transportation, installation, as well as repairs trade equipment and advertising materials.

Comprehensive merchandising in stores at home

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What do we do for you?

Often, the management of stores and supermarkets assigns the functions of merchandisers to ordinary sellers. As a result, careless, unprofessional display of goods leads to a drop in demand, and this is just one, although important, aspect of merchandising.

Our qualified specialists will take over the entire complex
measures to encourage consumers to buy, that is:

Merchandising of the product from our agency
will provide you with:

  1. 1. Save money and human resources.
  2. 2. Exclusion of washing out of the product from the shelves.
  3. 3. Reduced product return due to rotation.
  4. 4. No need to monitor the work of personnel.
  5. 5. Permanent work of specialists.

Networks we work with

We ensure that our customers maintain operating costs at a minimum level, while maximizing sales and reducing product returns.

Our specialists are responsible for:

We are for an honest display of goods at home!

The activities of our specialists are tracked by a special program, in which they provide only reliable reports.

This allows our clients to remotely track the results of our work!

Our Agency is internal control system includes spontaneous and well-planned "in-the-field" checks, which allows you to check not only the employee is visit to the sales place, but also the quality of their work — this ensures a constantly high level of quality and efficiency of our services.